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BRING A FISHING LICENSE!! order here at Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.


This is the "rainForest" so you'll need a really good rain jacket Gortex is best we prefer the Simms sick jacket or the Patagonia River Salt Jacket .

It also can be really cold standing in the water all day so having a good pair of waders and some laying is key for steelhead fishing heres a couple things that we use on a daily basis.  Our waders are probably the most important part of our daily wear so Simms G4Z is our first choice YES they are expensive but having that zipper will change a man. Anytime I don't have to take my jacket off in a down pour to use the restroom I think to myself it was worth the money.


Finding the right layering is sometimes hard to do a good rule of thumb is to always wear to much because you can always take it off. Here is our top choice for wading pants the Simms Cold Weather Pants these pants are great on and off the river. Upper body layer is also very important we normally wear a cotton hoody under either a vest or down jacket everyone loves a Patagonia Down Sweater.

Boots can also be a tough purchase and it all kind of depends on what you want rubber or felt both are great Simms and Patagonia also Korkers make awesome boots OP Fly Fishing asks that you PLEASE DO NOT WEAR STUDS.


Eye protection is also a really good idea we love our Costa Delmar's in silver mirror copper.

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