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8 weight spey rods in the 12.6 to 13 foot range are best.

We prefer an 8 weight because of the size sink tip and flys we can use are on the heavy side also if you are to connect with a 15 to 20 pound fish it's nice to have a little extra back bone with the 8 weight.

Our favorite rod is a Sage X 8130.

    SINGLE HANDED                  RODS

7 or 8 weight single handers are a great choice we tend to like rods in the 9 in half to 10 foot range. The 10 foot rod helps with line management on the water so you don't have to work as hard mending.


Skagit lines are the best application for fishing the OP typically

skagit lines in the 550-600 grain range will work best on 8 weights.

Also think about Skagit intermetiate lines they work great for

slowing your fly down quite a bit more. 



We like our sink tips in the 12 foot range.

Type -3, Type-6, Type-8 

T-8, T-11, T-14   



Intruder style flys are the most popular but string leeches and classic spey flys are also very affective. When you think of fly choice think "movement"  triggering an agressive response is what you're looking to do . 

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